Cleopatra Slots: Start Your Play & Get 15 Free Spins

Cleopatra Slot Machines

The game with the title Cleopatra slot originated in about 2004, it was observed that this was introduced to maximize the winnings of players when they visit physical casinos. This game gains a lot of importance and due to this the visitors kept on increasing. What the visitors used to get? They got 15 free spins. Some platforms offer these in the form of free play, and if someone wants it permanently on his device then there may be an online download option for them. Now, the online version of gambling sites is increasing and I will be giving you the top most sites which are going to give you these free cleopatra slots. Below is the list where you can visit and play cleopatra slots online free.

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When we are here in 2021, a lot of people do use online sites all over the world like Canada or like New Zealand. In the past there were a lot of famous slots, but the Cleopatra slots are much more popular among all. Some platforms amaze you while giving a welcome bonus on this. Yes, when you first get into the site, you will be presented a bonus which you get on the first sign up. Moreover, there may be some promo codes which you can receive on these sites. All in all, everything that is associated with casino slots free games cleopatra are famous in this world.

How To Play Cleopatra Slots? Make Real Money

The cleopatra slots online are also available in physical platforms but what’s the benefit? These have become faded away and lost somewhere in the street of England or may be in the streets of Australia. How will you play this fantastic game? What you need? You need to put some of the coins for this. What next? You are going to match the pay lines, if matched, then you will receive the payout of your part. What is the difference between the old one and the new one? There are scatter and wild symbols in this new version. You will be having a bonus when these symbols are presented on your screen. These are total in 15. For how many spins you go up to? You would not imagine that there can be as many as 180. These winnings will give you the chance to increase the amount in your account. If there are wild images then it means that the queen is herself presenting it.

The final words are that the player is going to have maximum winnings. You can do whatever you want from it. Either do cash out or place that money on to other games like this. Placing the money in other places is fruitful if you are having good luck. Just be confident and try to have skills in playing these cleopatra free slots no download is needed. Don’t forget to enter bonus codes if they are available in advance.


What are the major features of playing these cleopatra slots? this a video type slot game which has a unique theme like structure. The time of three reels has gone. Now is the time of five reels that’s why this slot has come up with 5 ones. You can play this by using your fingers when you touch the screen. This touching game is far more popular among the five-reel slots. moreover, the game is composed of 20 pay lines which you need to fill up. When you place your coins into these lines they will get activated. As more as, there is a minimum limit of one penny to lay with. The maximum you can go is up to the figure of $10. This is set as on the basis of a day. How much money can you make? You can win up to the balance of 10,000. The cleopatra is much more fascinating than other slot games. Moreover, the design is very attractive. The voice of the video is too good that you will be stuck to it just to enjoy it.

Win Free Spins

Cleopatra slots are one of the unique games which have been inspired by the famous Egyptian character queen Cleopatra. This is created in a sense that it would show almost many historical versions of ancient Egypt. The developer of this game is one of the best gaming companies in the world named IGT, this company not only produces the online gaming software, and it is also providing the games to the land based casino. You will be stunned to know that the company got the appreciation for this game to the next level, this appreciation encouraged the company to develop the sequel of this game, now players can enjoy part 2 of this game which is also available in the market for players who love to play this ancient historian games.

This is a very encouraging thing that like other games available in the market you can also play cleopatra slots free online which is available on the different sites who are clients of game providing company IGT. All you need to do is register with the site and start playing the game. If you will play with the real money, you will get to know that this will give you access to the more features of the games that your money will be cashed out with the mesmerizing effects of the game.

The playing of this game with real money is much excitement because it is easily available at the land based and online service provider casinos. You need to put some coins to the play line to start the game, the betting will be different in amount in each pay line, the winning combination will continue if you bet wisely. You have to match the symbols to win the game. There are scattered symbol will come when playing the game this will pop up on the screen during play, these symbols represent the well known Egyptian historian the sphinx, and if more than three symbols show on the screen its mean that you have won the bonuses and free spins, you will get 15 free spins and it you lucky enough and have fortune on your side you can get up to 180 free pins more by playing with this spins. There are some wild symbols which also pop up during the gameplay, which represent the queen herself, once you get wild you will be able to grab your hand on double cash out and it will give you more winning combinations.

The IGT has created this game and also gave a chance to the player to get more free spins, if you get more than three sphinxes on the reel and you will get the bonus in shape of spins if you will get more spins with these bonuses you would able to get triple you balance by using this bonuses.

The New Version – Cleopatra II

You have enjoyed enough play cleopatra slots, here you will have a newer version. The IGT one of the best game providers has presented another version in the market with more new features and original formula. You can have upto 50 free spins which is the most delicate feature in the part 2; you will have more sharp graphics, voices and other features in the newer version.

Payouts and RTP

The players of this game do know that this game gives them back a high amount, in the shape of free spins and bonuses and triple the cashout when playing with luck. Also the cleopatra slot online is giving the RTP in much larger amounts if compare it with its counterpart games slots. It is very interesting that it is paying you a higher RTP which the land based and even other online slots are not giving. The Return to player ratio is as high as above 95%. Which is tremendous in online slots, the players have the better chance to get more return by playing this game.

It is very interesting figure to share that free cleopatra slots is giving highest payout, if you have managed to have combination 5 cleopatra wild symbols, you will get 10,000x and if you manage to get only 4 wild symbols you will still to have 2000x, you should keep in your mind the 5 cleopatra free slots vegas cannot give you triple in free spins. You should know that you can have maximum win the free credits up to 25000000.

The highest bet on line 1 for 1000s and you can have up to 20000 credits bet on all the lines, you can adjust your bet as per desire, the minimum bet for 1 payline is 1.00 and upto 20 for as minimum as you can do it.


Now finally, let’s have some concluding words. The cleopatra slots sometimes give the user the promotion which is like no deposit code. The major impressive thing about this is that it has themes like Egyptian symbols. The culture is being reflected in the game. Moreover, the symbols used are also on the basis of this culture. What are you required to do? You need to see the above selection of websites and then pick any of them you are getting attracted towards. Next, have your login and start your play instantly. I bet that you will have marvelous and great fun here. You will not try finding other sites and other ordinary places.

Just go with the places I have suggested. As, I have done a lot of work so that you may see the places which you may look for on your own. But you need to waste your time and mind and do a lot of comparisons. That’s why I have done this for you so that I can save your precious which you can spend on playing these splendid slots. Visit and start your work, you will be making more and more money out of this.

by: Cory Ruiz